Tuesday, 25 May 2010

End of project self evaluation

I really enjoyed working on my own film this year and I would defiantly do another one next year as I believe that this year, while not being a complete success, has helped me improve as an animator and a director.

I felt that my film had it's strengths but at the same time had a lot of potential to be more and given the opportunity I would be interested in going back to it and working on it further in my own time. I particularly enjoyed working on the close up shots of the cat's facial expressions (limited as they are) and trying to convey his thought processes and feelings without the aid of dialogue. This development within my own interests has certainly encouraged me to pursue this further in my third year.

Along with developing my personal interests in certain areas of animation and my skills as an animator (yes I know there's still a lot of room for improvement there!) I also think that this project has really highlighted areas that I need to address before reaching the third year, most notably, time management and confidence to make decisive decisions about my work without being too precious over it! I feel that my lack of confidence in the storyline (which was later edited) consumed too much time and effected the progress of the film early on. I hope to have a strong idea open to development by the start of my third year in order to prevent this from happening again!

Finally I feel that I could probably stand to be a little less of a hot head about my ideas and actually take some of the advice that's given to me when it's given to me in future!

Looking back at this project as a whole there are of course a lot of things I would like to change. In future I would very much like to take what I have learnt from this experience and apply it to my third year in order to be successful. I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Color test

Test 074

Final animatic

Test 065

Further tests from the film.

Revised animatic

The previous shots (and all the others that will follow) are from the final version of the film. Thought you might like to see the development of the animatic from the first one to the final film version! This is the second version. Some shot's from this version survived till the final stages and other stuff had to go.

Test 071