Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Right, let's be professional about this...

So, just started final Major project, about a week behind so plenty of catch up to do.
Firstly, ideas. I have some I'm just not sure I like them. They seem a bit weak so better start developing the storylines there.
My first idea was pretty basic. I wanted to do a brief story about a cat trying to get home but to get there he has to cross the garden of a cat lover who just adopts any cats she comes across (even if they don't want to be!) and a cat hater who despises cats so much he keeps a sniper rifle in his upstairs window! I liked this idea but Im not sure I can stay enthusiastic about it for 6 months.
The second idea was just a passing thing I started to develop a few days ago. Basically it was a bit of a joke about how in reality, being a vampire would be really inconvienient in everyday life!

Too be honest I'm going to develop them side by side untill I get some feedback on which is the stronger of the two.

Oh yeah and ignore the date on this post. the actual date is 7/12/09 ;)